In order to ensure conformity of style within each volume and to facilitate the editorial process, authors are asked to submit their manuscripts according to the guidelines which appear below.

The Editorial Board only accepts papers submitted in major languages. It is the duty of the Editorial Board to make the papers proof-read by native proof-readers.

Provide two printed copies of your paper and a machine-readable copy (on disc or CD-ROM or via e-mail) preferably prepared in MSWord or WordPerfect. The word-processor and version used should be stipulated. Be sure to indicate the file name under which your text is stored on disc at the end of the printed copy.

Use A4 paper (210×297 mm). 12 point font-size, double-space and use one inch (2,54 cm) margins all around for editorial amendments and eventual corrections. If possible, use Times New Roman font-face, in other cases, submit the True Type font set in electronic format. Use minimal text-formatting (cursive), hyphenation should be switched off. Paragraphs are headed by Tabs, not spaces!

Prepare footnotes not endnotes. Notes are to be placed at the bottom of page with continuous numbering formatted the same way as the main text.

For the style of references consult the present volume of CHRONICA. The translation of references published in non-major languages should be provided in square-shape brackets.

All recognized abbreviations are accepted, however, best avoided unless they are well known and serve a useful purpose. Abbreviations should be in conformance to the language of the paper or should be given in Latin.

Gazetteer: Toponyms should be in conformance with the language of the paper: e.g. Vienna or Wien; Nuremberg or Nürnberg. Different present-day names should be provided in brackets.: e.g. Spalato (Split).

Quotations: Double quotes, except for quotations within quotations (single quotes). For omissions, use: [...]. Quotations exceeding 5 lines should be indented.

Illustrations (maps, diagrams, figures) can only be reproduced in black and white and should be submitted in (both electronic and printed) final format. Captions, legends and other additions should be submitted separately indicating the proper place in the text. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reprint material from the copyright holder.

Manuscripts and all correspondence concerning editorial matters should be addressed to Dr Laszlo J. Nagy, Institute of History, University of Szeged, 2 Egyetem u., H-6722 Szeged, Hungary;