Volume 7-8 (2007-2008)

László Marjanucz

Zsolt Hunyadi and István Zimonyi

Editorial Board
László Koszta, Ferenc Makk, László J. Nagy, Enikő A. Sajti,
Sándor László Tóth, István Zimonyi

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Mark Dickens


Edit Bathó, Jászberény ist die Hauptstadt von Jászen

A. A. Arslanova, Vassaf al-Hazrat and Hamdallah Kazvini - as protéges of Rashid ad-Din and court historiographers of the Ilkhans

László Balogh, A New Source on the Hungarian Raid against Byzantium in the Middle of the Tenth Century

Michal Biran, Culture and Cross-Cultural Contacts in the Chaghadaid Realm (1220-1370): Some Preliminary Notes

Ágnes Birtalan, Rituals of Sworn Brotherhood (Mong. anda bol-, Oir. and, ax düü bol-) in Mongol Historic and Epic Tradition
Thomas Brüggemann, Cumans in Southern Dobrudja. Some Remarks on the Second Bulgarian Empire during the twelfth and thirteenth century

Mihály Dobrovits, (H)oplayu tägdi. On the military tactic of the Ancient Türks
István Fodor, Ecology and Migrations on the Eurasion Steppes and the Carpathian Basin

Johannes Gießauf, A Programme of Terror and Cruelty. Aspects of Mongol Strategy in the Light of Western Sources
Emil Heršak, Boris Nikšić, Croatian Ethnogesis and The Nomadic Element
V. I. Ivanov-M. I. Ivanova, Horsemen Interments of the Golden Horde (about the informational potential of the archaeological material for social reconstructions)
Y. S. Khudyakov, The role of ancient Turks in translation of cultural achievements to Siberia in the early Middle Ages
Oleksii Komar, The climate factor in life of the North Black See region nomads at the end of fifth-seventh centuries A.D.

Szilvia Kovács, Alan women in the neighbouring foreign courts in the eleventh-twelfth centuries

Nikolay N. Kradin, Qamuq Mongqol Ulus and Chiefdom Theory
Katalin Nagy, The arms terminology of the Sarmatian army in the written sources
Takashi Osawa, New historical aspects and interpretation on Ongi site and Inscription

Szabolcs Polgár, Notes on the role of Alania in the international trade in the early Middle Ages (eighth-tenth centuries)
Tibor Schäfer, Die Teilnehmer an der Barbareninvasion am Silvestertag des Jahres 406Szabolcs Polgár, Notes on the role of Alania in the international trade in the early Middle Ages (eighth-tenth centuries)
Oliver Schmitt, Priscus als ethnographische Quelle für die Hunnen
Tibor Selmeczi, ??? ? ??????? ? XIII-XV ?????
Tatiana D. Skrynnikova, Chinggis Khan's distribution of posts in his comrades-in-arms: officials or courtiers?
Johannes Steiner, Empfange und Du wirst einen Sohn gebären, welcher der Herrscher über die Erde werden wird. Vorstellungen über Geburt und Tod Tschinggis Khans
Zsolt Szilágyi, The nomadic culture, society and the founder of Mongolian Buddhist Church
Ahmet Taşagil, The Tribes System Forming the State of  Turk Kaganate(Gök-Türk)
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István Zimonyi, Vom Ural ins Karpaten-Becken. Die Grundzüge der ungarischen Frühgeschichte