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Special Collection in History of Minorities and Regions
University Library
University of  Szeged
Address: Ady tér 10. Szeged, Hungary H-6720



The Social Theory and Contemporary History Collection, as a unit of the University Library, University of Szeged, aims at providing a background for academic research as well as providing public access to a wide variety of documents, publications and databases. The Inventory, similarly to the University Library Corvina catalogue, offers an easy access for searching our book stock, periodicals, documentary holdings concerning the history of Central and East Europe, social theories, contemporary history of minorities and regions, and other topics. The databases are also available for external use.


OPEN since 1985
The Special Collection was established in 1985, by a handful of young teachers and senior students. The original intention was to collect all kinds of documents on the contemporary history of East-Europe, i.e. totalitarian regimes, minorities, nationalism – hardly available for public reading in the mid’ 1980s. Therefore memoir literature, manuscripts, translations, samizdat editions, journals and volumes published in samizdat form were all in the focus of an intensive collection-building process. Thus, a considerably high number of unofficial or at that time illegal literature became available for academic research. De facto, this was the only place in Hungary at that time where reading samizdat literature was legally possible. 
In the period of democratic transition, following 1989, the profile of our Collection has been changed in many ways. The Collection was included into the University Library in 1994, as one of its specialized departments, offering all the standard services. The digitization and a new site in the new Library premises made the integration complete in 2004.


The main activities may be listed under the following headlines:

  • Library services
  • Research and education back-up
  • Publications
  • Website management


Library services
The Collection has acquired more than 10,000 items in its documentary holdings. Besides the book stock manuscripts, posthumous papers of bequests, bibliographies, scientific publications and periodicals in English, Romanian, Serbian, etc. have been constantly purchased. The reader will find all the relevant journals and publications concerning Hungarian minorities in the collection.
A major part of the Collection, such as the Jonathan Sunley Collection, periodicals, journals are available for local reading only. All the items, including loan stock are included into the University Library Corvina Catalogue, providing an easy search for any item by title, author, subject, date of publication, publishers. 


Library acquisitions have been following the following thematic order:

  • 20th c. history of Central and South East Europe, including scientific literature, documents concerning the social and political history of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes, democratic transition in the region.
  • Social theories. A precious part of the holdings regarding modern history of ideas, first of all, related to Central Europe.
  • Hungarian minorities, including works, documentary holdings in history of institutions, national and minority policies, statistics etc.
  • Contemporary history of Hungary, focusing mainly on dissident, samizdat and emigration literature.
  • History of philosophical reception. Hungarian philosophical tradition has been permanently processed into a database. Hungarian philosophical literature is usually described as one basically receptive towards European and Western traditions, thus a large, constantly up-dated database, with more than 40,000 items, offers a comfortable search-engine covering all the relevant journals and periodicals published in Hungarian language since the late 19th century.
  • Jonathan Sunley Collection. Due to a generous offer by the social historian Jonathan Sunley, the reading room offers a stock with more than 800 volumes, mostly in English language, all related to the 19th and 20th century history of East, Central and South-East Europe. 


Since the collection includes specific scientific holdings, our stock accumulation policies are based on a large network of acquisition, transcending the political borders of Hungary. Various forms of co-operation has been continuously pursued with institutions and organizations seated in Central and Western Europe, the United States, as well as Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, etc.


Research and education back-up
In continuous co-operation with research and education experts and institutions, both in Hungary and abroad the Collection maintains research and education back-up programs in the following fields:

  • Post-war history of Hungarian minorities in Romania, covering primarily political and cultural institutions, social organizations, economics, etc.
  • Translation and publishing activities concerning history of minorities and regions, in Central and South-East Europe, history of ideas, volumes of documents, scientific research results.
  • An extended website management concerning history of minorities and regions.
  • A digitized database of philosophical literature, social theories published in Hungarian language in Hungary or abroad.  
  • Ethnopolitics: an education program for BA students in history, sociology.
  • Experts are invited to hold special seminars; guest lecturers and visiting researchers find contact and consultancy at the Collection.


It is also among the chief goals of the Collection to provide consultancy in graduate and post-graduate research work.


The current scientific and publishing work builds upon an extensive co-operation with our partner institutions in Serbia, Romania and Hungary.

  • Translation and publications concerning history of minorities and regions, in Central and South-East Europe, history of ideas, volumes of documents, scientific research results.
  • A digitized database of philosophical literature, social theories published in Hungarian language in Hungary or abroad. 
  • Publications in history of reception.
  • Volumes in history of ideas, social theories, philosophy in Hungary.
  • Scientific research work, volumes of historical documentary, chronologies, bibliographies, repertories.


The Collection offers a wide range of opportunities for social researchers to use the search-engine via our website, accessible also through the University library services. Easy ways are provided to explore the databases in history of social theories, political and social history of Central and South-East Europe, history of ideas, Hungarian philosophy. The following fields are covered on the website:  

  • The Collection programs are shown according to activities, publications, research and education support.
  • Easy access to search-engines, covering all the collection’s holdings in social theories, philosophy.
  • Access to databases, such as Philosophical reception, Frankfurt project, etc.
  • External links to social organizations, scientific institutions.
  • Up-dated information on research work concerning, first of all, Hungarian minorities, institutions in social theory and philosophy.


Last update: 22 November, 2011