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Conferences (NYIM)

Here you will find the archive files of our annual interdisciplinary conference Language, Ideology and Media (Nyelv, Ideológia, Média). Click on the title of the conference to see the details.

NYIM8: A magyar "férfiuralom" terepei és határai [The Social Organization of Men's Power in Hungary]
September 21-22 2012
You can check out the program and abstracts.



NYIM7: A társadalmi nemi viszonyok a rendszerváltozás elmúlt húsz évében: poszt-szocializmus (?) és feminizmus (?)
September 30 – October 1  2011
You can check out the program and abstracts.


NYIM6: A társadalmi nemi viszonyok intézményesülése.
 A „magyarság” és „nemiség” metszetei. October 1-2, 2010.
You can check out the program and abstracts.



NYIM5: A szexualitás terei, September 18-19, 2009.
You can also check out the conference program and abstracts.



NYIM4: A nő és a test/iség, September 19-20, 2008.
You can also check out the conference program and abstracts.


NYIM3: A nő/férfi identitás és tapasztalat, September 7-8, 2007.
You can also check out the conference program and abstracts.



NYIM2: A nő és a női(es)ség sztereotípiái, September 8-9, 2006.
You can also check out the conference program, the abstracts and the bookcover of the conference proceedings.



NYIM1: A nő helye a magyar nyelvhasználatban, September 8-9, 2005.
You can also check out the conference program, the abstracts and the bookcover of the conference proceedings.



Conferences in Honour of ...

The Research Group has organized a conference in honour of Dr. Sarolta Marinovich, founder of TNT, on November 25th 2011. For information on the contributors and their papers celebrating her academic excellence and collegial qualities please read HERE.  




On 25th of Feburary 2011, at 3 pm,  TNT has hosted an Epideictic Conference in honour of Eva Federmayer's 60th Birthday. For the invitation click HERE.





TNT Elsewhere


The University of Vienna hosted a conference entitled Import - Export. Queer Theory, Queer Critique and Activism in Motion, on April 28-30, 2011. The TNT Gender Research Group paraicipated with the "Queering Encounters with Identity" panel. Detailed information on the conference can be found on its WEBSITE.




The American Studies Department, Eszterházy Károly College, Eger hosted its second interdisciplinary conference MI/MÁS 2 (Us/Others 2) on October 28-29th, 2010.  Our Gender Studies Research Group, TNT submitted a panel to present the results of our research in the field. The title of our panel was Political Correctness, Tolerance and Hate Speech in the Context of the EU and North-American Practice.

The four talks in our panel were as follows (for their abstracts click HERE):

Federmayer Éva: Multikulturálitás és tolerancia a "nyóckerben": Egy dokumentumfilm elemzése

P. Balog Andrea: Hasonlóak és/vagy különbözőek: Az idegenkedés normái és formái az európai integráció kontextusában

Barát Erzsébet: A "politikai korrektség"-re hivatkozás ideológiai csapdái: A nyelvhasználat kérdései az elmúlt tíz év oktatáspolitikai küzdelmeinek erőterében

Kérchy Anna: A fogyatékokkal élők elfogadását célzó média/művészeti megnyilvánulások lehetőségei, korlátai, és recepciója a mai Magyarországon

CLICK on the image to see the photogallery of the event.




HUSSE (Hungarian Society for the Study of English) had its 9th biannual conference on January 22-24 2009 organized by the English Department, University of Pécs. The Gender Studies Research Group, TNT submitted a panel with the title The Cultural/ Textual Construction of the Gendered Body. The titles of the talks were as follows:
Annus, Irén: Columbia and her sisters: Female representations of the nation in 19th century visual culture
Barát, Erzsébet: Queer Intervention into the desire and pleasure in the spectator/visual image relationship
Federmayer, Éva: Racial/ethnic queerness: Rebecca Walker and Danzy Senna
Kérchy, Anna: Unraveling the myth of Lewis Caroll’s Alice
Reschné Marinovich, Sarolta: Literary creativity and the (gothic) female body

For further information visit the conference WEBSITE.





The American Studies Department, Eszterházy Károly College, Eger organized an interdisciplinary conference, MI/MÁS (Us/Others) on March 19-20th 2008.  It was the first time the Gender Studies Research Group, TNT submitted a panel to present the results of our research in the field. The title of our panel was The Cultural representation of sexual identity. The aim of the organizers was to bring together research on tolerance from the perspective of social, cultural, ethnic and sexual practices in Hungary on the occasion of the Year of Cultural Dialogue in the European Union.

The four talks in our panel were as follows:

RESCHNÉ MARINOVICH, SAROLTA: The relationship between gender identity and authorship in Noemi Kiss’s short stories. (A nemi identitás és az írói identitás viszonya Kiss Noémi elbeszéléseiben)

KÉRCHY, ANNA: Dilemmas of transgender in contemporary theories of gender and popular culture (A transznemű identitás dilemmái a kortárs gender-elméletek és populáris kulturális reprezentációk tükrében)

BARÁT, ERZSÉBET: Queer fashion: The redefinition of ‘gaze’ at the intersection of sexuality and gender (Queer divat: A tekintet fogalmának átértékelése a nem és szexualitás metszéspontjából)

P. BALOGH, ANDREA: Lesbian identities and transgender performances in post-socialist Hungarian culture (Leszbikus identitások és transgender alakítások a poszt-szocialista magyar kultúrában)

For further information please visit the conference WEBSITE.



Public Lecture Series

Our Vampires Ourselves: Anti-/feminist Rhetoric in Contemporary Vampire Fiction - Malin Lindström Brock (May 2nd, 2012)

Feminist Auto/Biographical Cartography in Kim Mahood's Craft for a Dry Lake - Martina Horakova (Nov 17th, 2010)

Marching from Strenght to Strenght - Asha Choubey (Oct 6th, 2010). For the full transcript of her talk click HERE.

A Társadalmi Nem Tudománya filozófiai alapvonalai Beauvoirnál - Mária Joó (Mar 17th, 2010)

Takács Mari Eltitkolt Évek (2009) - chair Louise O. Vasvári (Dec 3rd, 2009)

Without Queering There is No Border: Translocality, sexual subjects, and history - Hanna Hacker (Apr 29th, 2009)

Life Writing by Central European Women Holocaust SurvivorsLouise O. Vasvári (Nov 26th, 2008)

Reading Sexualities: The Need for a Hermeneutic TheoryDonald E. Hall (May 14th, 2008)



Research Seminar Series


Nations Within: Sovereignty, Gender, and American Indians - Cari M. Carpenter (May 3rd - 13th, 2010)

Zimermann on Gender Studies in the Universities of Central East-Europe - Mária Adamik (Nov 18th, 2009). For Zimmermann's article click HERE.

But who supposes I'm striving for lucidity?" Harold Pinter's Concept of the Author - Andrea P. Balogh (Apr 1st, 2009)

The Cultural Migration of a Musical Idiom: Race, Class, and Gender in the Ragtime Culture of Millennial BudapestFedermayer Éva (Apr 16th, 2008)

Globalization and Queer Theories - Donald E. Hall (May 6th - 14th, 2008)


One-Day Workshops archives


Changing the World: One Sexist City at a Time (Oct 19th - 20th, 2010). A workshop followed by a street performance by Guerrila Girls on Tour. For the event's flyer click HERE. Below you can see an excerpt from the workshop.




Workshop on Sexuality (Apr 29th, 2009). For the event's flyer click HERE.


Research Projects



"Languages in a Network of European Excellence"  (2007 - 2010) is a scientific network co-funded under the 6th framework programme of the European Commission. It is part of  Priority 7 and the topic "Linguistic diversity in a European knowledge-based society". The Gender Task Force in the project is run by two members of our Research Group, Iren Annus (member) and Erzsebet Barat (task force leader). To visit the official website of the network click HERE.



... was an LLP Erasmus Intensive Programme coordinated by the University_of_Krosno, Poland. It run from 2010 to 2012. The participant institutions were:

  • Universität Bamberg, Germany
  • St Mary's University College, Belfast, Great Britain
  • Københavns Universitet, Denmark
  • Szegedi Tudományegyetem, Hungary
  • Universidad de Huelva, Spain
  • Högskolan Dalarna, Falun, Sweden
  • Universitet Jagielloński, Krakow, Poland
  • Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Zawodowa, Krosno, Poland

The project consisted of a ten-day series of lectures and workshops where students and specialists in literature and language, social studies and history worked towards a common understanding of the nature of migrant experience. The field of teaching and study included both past and present, as well as varied diasporic groups.

Participating on behalf of University of Szeged were Andrea P. Balogh and Erzsébet Barát.




Book Project:

Dilemmas of visibilityDILEMMAS OF VISIBILITY

A book project that comprises contributions discussing the controversies surrounding the in/visibility of sexual minorities in post-socialist Europe to be published by Intellect. The volume is part of the course Andrea P. Balogh accomplished as a follow up to her  participation in the summer university course, „Media  Globalization and Post-Communist European Identities,” CEU, Budapest, 2007. In press.





body-textsKérchy, Anna. Body-Texts in the Novels of Angela Carter. Writing from a Corporeagraphic Perspective. Lampeter: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2008. (pp. 372, ISBN10:  0-7734-4892-6   ISBN13:  978-0-7734-4892-6)






sztereotipiakBarát Erzsébet – Sándor Klára eds. A nő és a nő/i/esség sztereotípiái. (’Woman’ and Her Stereotypes), Nyelv, ideológia, média, Vol. 2. Szeged: Könyvtártudományi Tanszék, SZTE, 2009.







nyelvhasznalatbanBarát Erzsébet – Sándor Klára eds. A nő helye a magyar nyelvhasználatban (‘Woman’s’ Place in Hungarian), Nyelv, ideológia, média, Vol. 1. Szeged: JATE Press, 2007.








Barát, Erzsébet ed. Spaces in Transition (Papers in English & American Studies XII). Szeged: JATE Press, 2005.









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