In memoriam

It is with great sadness and heaviness of heart that we note the passing of our colleague Dr. Sarolta Resch Marinovich on August 16, 2011. We shall miss her greatly.

The Sweeping up the Heart
And putting Love away
We shall not want to use again
Untill Eternity.

(Emily Dickinson, ’The Bustle in a House’)




Core members

For detailed information on the research interests and publications of our core members, see the individual profile page of our faculty or click on their image above.

Annus, Irén - Barát, Erzsébet - Federmayer, Éva - Kérchy, Anna - Butterfield, Nicole - Kocic-Zambo, Larisa

Affiliated members

Klára Sándor - Louise O. Vasvari - Mária Joó - Zsófia Anna Tóth - Katalin Demcsák


Klára Sándor

Position: Associate professor
Könyvtártudományi Tanszék

Office: Groundfloor, Ady tér Building
Office hours: Thusrday 16.30-17.30
e-mail:sandor.klara at


Prospective courses:

A nő és férfi szerepek kulturális átörökítése (SZTE BTK Könyvtártudományi Tanszék)





vasvari Vasvári Louise O.

Professor Emerita, Department of Cultural Analysis and Theory, Stony Brook University, New York

Department of Linguistics, New York University

e-mail: Louise.Vasvari at

Vasvári Louise O., who received her M.A. and  Ph.D. at the University of California in Berkeley, is Professor Emerita of Cultural Analysis and Theory at Stony Brook University (NY), where she was also formerly Associate Provost.  She has also taught in various visiting capacities at the University of California, Berkeley and Davis, at the Eotvos Lorand University and at the Central European University (both in Budapest), the University of Connecticut (Storrs), the Université de Jules Verne (Amiens), and the National Sun Yat Sen University (Taiwan). Since 2000 she has also taught Language and Gender in the linguistics department at New York University. For fall 2008 she was named “Distinguished Scholar” in Cambridge University and in Fall 2009 she was Fulbright Professor of Gender Studies in E.L.T.E. (Budapest) and the University of Szeged.
Vasvári works in medieval studies, historical and socio-linguistics, translation theory, and Holocaust studies, all informed by gender theory within a broader framework of comparative cultural studies. She has published widely in these areas, ranging from medieval Spanish, Italian, German, English, and Hungarian, to queer theory. Her published work has appeared in English, Spanish, and Hungarian.  In medieval studies she investigates the margins of medieval and premodern canonized genres, studying cross-fertilizations between textualized high culture and oral culture. Related to Spanish medieval literature she has published The Heterotextual Body of the “Mora Morilla” (1999), a comparative study of the pan-european ballad in eight languages. More recently she has published, with Louise Haywood, Companion to the “Libro de Buen Amor” (2004), a work on which she has also published over two dozen articles.

In Holocaust Studies Vasvári has published with Steven Tötösy, Imre Kertész and Holocaust Literature (Purdue UP, 2005) and Comparative Central European Holocaust Studies (Purdue UP, 2009), as well as a special issue of CLCWeb (March 2009) dedicated to Holocaust Studies. She has also published “Women’s Holocaust Memories/Memoirs: Trauma, Testimony and the Gendered Imagination” (Jewish Studies at Central European University 5) and a monograph-length work in Hungarian on memoirs of Hungarian women survivors (Mult és Jövö, 2009), To appear are “Women Prisoner Doctors in Auschwitz in Memoirs of Female Survivors,” and “A nöi test[iség] és a holokauszt” (“Female Bod[il]y [Experience] and the Holocaust”), as well as a book-length work, Gendered Memories/Memoirs of Women in the Holocaust.

Vasvári also works in Hungarian literature in a comparative European context. She has written on Alaine Polcz’s, A Woman in War, about the emergence of a queer discourse in Hungarian in a number of contemporary authors, as well as on various folkloric topics, including the ballad and Hungarian versions of the Taming of the Shrew motif, both in folklore and film.  In collaboration with Steven Totosy, she has currently in press Comparative Hungarian Cultural Studies (Purdue UP, 2011). She is also editor of AHEA: The Journal of the American Hungarian Educators’ Association, which publishes scholarly articles in English related to Hungarian Studies and reviews current scholarship in the field.

For a detailed publication list and CV click HERE.




jooMária Joó

Position: Associate professor at ELTE Fac. of Humanities, Dept. of Philosophy
Affiliation: Affiliated member of Gender Research Group at University of Szeged, Fac. of Arts, Institute of English & American Studies from 1998 on

Office: ELTE BTK Filozófiai Intézet, 1088 Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4/I. 124
e-mail: joo_maria at

Eötvös Lóránt University (ELTE), Budapest, Fac. of Humanities
classical studies (Greek and Latin), literature
Eberhard-Karls-Universität, Tübingen /Germany/: philosophy
Graduiertenkolleg in Phänomenologie und Hermeneutik, Bergische Universität Wuppertal-Bochum

Fellowships, grants:
                    DAAD I. Tübingen, (2 years),DAAD II. Tübingen    
1991-93         H.-Hertz-Fellowship, Wuppertal /Germany/
1998-2000      Research Support Scheme (RSS) of the Open Society Institut, Budapest
1996, 1998     Gender Studies Small Grant of the CEU’s Program on Gender and Culture
1998             CEU Summer University 'Performing gender'

PhD 1997; /'candidate' of philosophy (CSc) / 2009 habilitation (dr. habil.)
Affiliations (international  associations):
International Association of Women Philosophers (IAPh), from 1991,
International Plato Society, from 1991

Fields of competence:
Greek philosophy, esp. Plato, hermeneutics, phenomenology, feminist philosophy, aesthetics, literary theory, ethics, gender studies, anthropology

Spoken languages:
German, English, French (Latin, Greek)




tothZsófia Anna Tóth

Independent Scholar

Affiliation: Institute of English and American Studies, University of Szeged
e-mail: tothzsof at

2007-2008 Predoctoral Research Fellow,
University of Szeged
2004-2007 PhD course work ,
University of Szeged
2001-2003 Minor in Hungarian Studies,
University of Szeged
2000-2003 Minor in European Studies,
University of Szeged
1998-2003 MA in English Studies,
University of Szeged


My research field is concerned with the representation of female aggression and violence in American literature and film. Currently, I am working on my doctoral dissertation. It is on the changes of femme fatale imagery throughout the twentieth century in American culture, with a particular focus on its transformation from a tragic image into a comic one in Chicago(and its various versions). 
My other two main fields of interest include Jane Austen and the emergence of New Woman – her representation and historical, cultural reception (academic and otherwise). I have also taught courses in the fields, such as “Deviant Women in Fiction and Film,” “Iconic Female Figures in Early American Film History,” “The New Woman,” “Jane Austen on Page and Screen,” “Jane Austen Revisited.”      


(Forthcomming) "American Cinema at the Crossroads of American Studies" in Réka M. Cristian and Zoltán Dragon(eds.), AMERICANA, E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary (ISSN: 1787-4637)

2008 “S1m0ne. Simulacrum and Simulation Incarnated in The Perfection of Humanoid Virtuality” in Dorian Grieve et als. (eds.), eSharp, Issue 12 (Winter 2008): Technology and Humanity, University of Glasgow, (ISSN: 1742-4542).

2008 “Greta Garbo, Her Transgressions and Unconventional Ways On and Off Screen” in Chovanec, Jan (ed.): Brno Studies in English 34 (2008), Brno: Masarykova Univerzita V Brnĕ, 2008, 105-124. (ISBN, ISSN: 1211-1791)

2008 “The Representation of Aggressive Women in Various Adaptations of Maurine Dallas Watkins’s Chicago” in Réka M. Cristian and Zoltán Dragon(eds.), AMERICANA, E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary (ISSN: 1787-4637).

2008(2009) Book Review: “Violent Women on the Screen”, Reel Knockouts, Violent Women in the Movies ed. by Martha McCaughey and Neal King in Réka M. Cristian and Zoltán Dragon(eds.), AMERICANA, E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary (ISSN: 1787-4637)

2008 “Chicago in its Doubles” in Chovanec, Jan (ed.): Brno Studies in English 32 (2006), Brno: Masarykova Univerzita V Brnĕ, 2008, 171-183. (ISBN, ISSN: 1211-1791)

2007 “On the verge of reality, Roxie’s day-dreaming as passage between two realms of existence in Chicago (2002)” in Vránková, Kamila and Koy, Christopher (eds.): Dream, Imagination and Reality in Literature, South Bohemian Anglo-American Studies No.1., České Budějovice: University of South Bohemia, 2007, 147-152. (ISBN 978-80-7394-006-5)

2006 “Dangerous Dames in Pre-Code Hollywood” in Drápela, M.; Vomlela, J. (eds.): Silesian Studies in English 2006. International Conference of English and American Studies Opava 18-19 September 2006 (Proceedings). Opava: Silesian University in Opava, 2006, 256-267. (ISBN 80-7248-400-1)

2005 “The (Im)morality of the New Woman in the Early 20th Century” in Chovanec, Jan (ed.): Theory and Practice in English Studies, Volume 4: Proceedings from the Eighth Conference of English, American and Canadian Studies. Brno: Masaryk University, 2005, 255-260. (ISBN 80-210-3836-5)



Katalin Demcsák

Position: Assistant Professor
University of Szeged, Department of Adult Education

Office: Szilléri sgt. 12., Szeged 6723
 e-mail: demcsak at

Education and Degrees:
PhD in Philosophy – Aestetics 2009
ELTE - University Eötvös Lóránt of Budapest, Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies Department of Aestetics)
Dissertation Title: COMEDY, ARTE, WORLD. Giovan Battista Andreini’s theory of theatre.

Doctorate Program in Literature 1993-1996
SZTE - University of Szeged, Department of Italian Studies
PhDc (ABD) /Absolutorium in Literature.

MA in Hungarian and Italian Studies 1991
SZTE - University of Szeged, Department of Italian Studies, Department of Hungarian Studies.

Language skills: Italian, English

Research Areas:
History and Theory of the Contemporary Theatre – (Acting, Theatrical Event, Intercultural Theatre, Languages on the stage)
Feminist Performance Studies
Renaissance Theatre and Performance in Italy

Selected Publications
Scriptum. A Szegedi Kortárs Balett története [Scriptum. History of the Contemporary Ballet of Szeged].Szeged: Factory Creative Studio, 2009 (p.189).

Book chapters:
“Kentaurnő. A kép hatalma Giovan Battista Andreini »extravagáns« dráma-gépezetében. [Centaura. The Power of the Picture in Giovan Battista Andreini’s „extravagant” drama-machine].” In Kiss Attila and Szőnyi György Endre eds. Szó és kép. A művészi kifejezés szemiotikája és ikonográfiája. Tanulmányok, [Imagine and Word. Semiotics and Iconography of Arts]. Szeged: JATEPress 2003, 227-236.

“Határművészet. Színészek és nézők a színjáték közösségében [Art of the Border. Actors and Spectators in the community of the Performances].” In Demcsák K. – Kálmán C. eds., Határtalan áramlás. Színházelméleti távlatok Victor Turner kultúrantropológiai írásaiban, [Limitless Flow. Theatrical Perspectives in the Anthropological Works of Victor Turner] Budapest: Kijárat, 2003, 77-95.

L’europa dietro la cortina di ferro. Sperimentazione teatrale in Ungheria tra il 1960 e il 1990. In Annalisa Cosentino ed. L’identità culturale europea nella tradizione e nella contemporaneità, Udine: Forum, 2004, 137-147.

“Szöveg-világ és világ-nyelv [World of Text and World-Language].” In Mestyán Ádám – Horváth Eszter eds. Látvány/színház. Performativitás, műfaj, test[Theatre/Spectacle. Performance, genre, body]. Budapest: L’Harmattan, 2006. 177-190.

“A csodálatos sárkány. Színpadi és női identitás Jászai Mari írásaiban [The Wonderful Dragon. Theatrical and Feminine Identity in the Works of Mari Jászai].” In Imre Zoltán ed., Alternatív színháztörténetek. Alternatívok és alternatívák, [Alternative History of Theatre. Alternatives]. Budapest: Balassi, 2008, 105-122.

“A Paál István vezette Szegedi Egyetemi Színpad [University of Szeged’s Theatre Group as lead by István Paál].” In Imre Zoltán ed., Alternatív színháztörténetek. Alternatívok és alternatívák[Alternative History of Theatre. Alternatives].  Budapest: Balassi, 2008, 241-264.

“Világ-nyelv-töredék(ek) – A Metanoia Különítmény  korai előadásai [Fragment(s) of the World’s Languages. The Early Performances of the Metanoia Company].” In Imre Zoltán ed., Alternatív színháztörténetek. Alternatívok és alternatívák[Alternative History of Theatre. Alternatives].  Budapest: Balassi, 2008, 508-527.

 Edited Book Series:
Spectaculum. A Book Series on the History and Theory of Theatre. Budapest: Kijárat Kiadó.

Hippodrom. A Book Series on Theatre Theory (coedited with Imre Zoltán and P. Müller Péter). Budapest: Kijárat Kiadó.

Edited Antologies:
Demcsák Katalin - Kiss Attila eds. Színház–szemiográfia. Az angol és olasz reneszánsz dráma és színház ikonográfiája és szemiotikája [Theatre Semiography. The Iconography and Semiotics of the English and Italian Drama and Theatre]. Szeged: JATEPress, 1999. p. 315.

Demcsák Katalin – Kálmán C. György eds. Határtalan áramlás. Színházelméleti távlatok Victor Turner kultúrantropológiai írásaiban [Limitless Flow. Theatrical Perspectives in the Anthropological Works of Victor Turner].  Budapest: Kijárat, 2003. p. 95.

Demcsák Katalin – Imre Zoltán eds. Színház és szociológia határán [On the Verge of Theatre
and Sociology]. Budapest: Kijárat, 2005. p. 131.


Visiting scholars


Malin Lidström Brock

Position: Senior Lecturer in English Literature, Högskolan Dalarna, Sweden.
Address: Högskolan Dalarna,
e-mail: mlm at

Education and degrees:
2010 D.Phil. in English Literature, Oxford University, UK. 
Thesis title: Telling Feminist Lives—Biography as Ideological Battleground
2002 M.St. in Modern English, Oxford University, UK.
2000 M.A. in Comparative Literature, Göteborgs universitet, Sweden
1994 B.A. in Comparative Literature, Göteborgs universitet, Sweden

Research interests:
My main area of research is Comparative Literature, and Modern and Contemporary American Literature and Culture. I am particularly interested in the role narratives play in people’s lives and in society. Topis of interest include questions of identity and gender in women’s writing, especially women’s fiction and auto/biography, African-American writing and contemporary popular culture.
I am currently involved in the research project Transcultural Identities at Högskolan Dalarna and conducting research for a monograph, provisionally titled Troubled Dreams: France and the French in American Popular Culture, which will focus on popular cultural accounts where France and the French are described as in some sense ideal or exemplary. The over-arching question it seeks to answer is what dreams, needs and anxieties inform these idealized descriptions.

At present, I am teaching MA courses on African and Irish Literature, Irish Film and Drama and Advanced Literary Theory.

(forthcoming) “Almost French: Food, Class and Gender in Contemporary American Expatriate Memoirs”, for Writers in Europe: 1850 to the Present, ed. Ferda Asya, to be published in 2012.

(forthcoming) “Beyond Multiculturalism: Invisible Men in Percival Everett‘s Erasure and Philip Roth’s The Human Stain” for Transculturality and Literature: Redefinitions of Identity in Contemporary Literature, eds. Irene Gilsenan Nordin, Julie Hansen, Carmen Zamorano Llena, to be published by Rodopi in 2012.

(forthcoming, co-written) “All They Need is Love: Theosis and Kenoticism in Contemporary Vampire Fiction”, accepted for Theology and the Undead, ed. Kim Paffenroth and John Morehead, to be published by Wipf & Stock in 2012. With Stephanie Solywoda (St. Cross College, Oxford University).

2009 (reference) “Postmodernism”, The Cultural History of Reading, Vol. II: Europe and Britain, ed.  Gabrielle Watling, Greenwood Press.

2009 (reference) Reference chapter: “Modernism”, The Cultural History of Reading, Vol. II: Europe and Britain, ed.  Gabrielle Watling, Greenwood Press.

2008 (single reference entries) “Tove Jansson”, “Vilhelm Moberg”, “Far from the Highway”, “Clenched Fists”, “Raskens” and “Ride this Night!”, The Facts on File Companion to the World Novel: 1900 to the Present, ed. Michael D. Sollars, Facts on File.
2007 (co-editor) Tove Jansson Rediscovered: A Collection of Critical Essays, eds. Kate McLoughlin and Malin Lidström Brock, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

2006 (reference) “Fashion and Appearance”, The Greenwood Encyclopedia of World Popular Culture, Vol. 3: Europe, ed. Gerd Bayer, Greenwood Press.

2006 (single reference entry) Reference “Film”, Encyclopedia of Prostitution and Sex, ed. Melissa Ditmore, Greenwood Press.

2006 (reference) “Zara Wright”, Encyclopedia of African American Literature, eds. Hans Ostrom  and J. David Macey, Jr., Greenwood Press.


Current Course Offers (2013 Spring)

For more details check out the syllabus for the BA or the MA program on the Institute's Documents page.

BA level

Representations of Non-normative Sexuality in Contemporary Television Series
cult. sem, BAENG, BAAM, BAEmin
Butterfield, Nicole

Fri 10-12
Room 3306

Writing Women in the Renaissance
lit. sem. BAENG, BAAM, BAEmin
Kocic-Zámbó, Larisa

Mon 14-16
Room 3302

MA level

Identity Through Gender/Gender Through Identity
cult. sem. 1nd year, MAEN, MAAM
Annus, Irén

Wed 10-12

Introduction to Gender Studies
cult. lect., 1, MAEN, MAAM
Butterfield, Nicole

Fri 8-10
Room 3306

Feminist Literary Criticism
lit. lect., 1, MAEN, MAAM
Federmayer, Éva

Wed 12-14
Room X

Subjectivity and the Gendered Body
cult. lect., 1, MAEN, MAAM
Kérchy, Anna

Thu 12-14 Am.Sem.

The Female Grotesque. Risk, Excess and (Post)modernity
cult. sem., 2-3, MAEN, MAAM
Kérchy, Anna

Thu 8-10

The (Re)Creating Powers of Fandom
cult. 2-3, MAEN, MAAM
Kocic-Zámbó, Larisa

Mon 12-14
Room III



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