Call for participation

The Education Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences decided to establish an annual conference on education in order to offer a forum for researchers to present and discuss current research achievements in an international context. The first event will take place in 2001.

The conference follows he traditions of international academic communities. Every year a special theme, highlighted in the keynote addresses, will be selected jointly by the Education Committee and the president of the conference. The theme in 2001 is teaching and learning. Participants, however, should not be restricted by the theme, as the conference is intended to be a regular forum of research on education in the broadest sense, independent of the actual themes in focus.

Conference information:

date: 25-27 October 2001.

venue: Main Building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest

deadline for proposals and registration: 30 June 2001


Please note that the scientific programme of, and the registration for, the conference are managed separately.

Scientific Programme Committee:

Szegedi Tudományegyetem MTA Képességkutató Csoport

Neveléstudományi Konferencia 2001

6722 Szeged, Petőfi sgt 30-34.

tel/fax: (36) (62) 544 354


Registration and conference fees:

MTA Nemzetközi Együttműködési Iroda

1051 Budapest, Nádor u. 7.

tel.: (36) (1) 317 2575

fax: (36) (1) 317 2840


Preliminary schedule for the 2001 conference

Thursday, 25 Oct.:

10:00—13:00 Conference opening and keynote lectures

13:00—18:00 Scientific programme

19:00 Reception

Friday, 26 Oct.:

9:00—18:00 Scientific Programme

19:00 Banquette

Saturday, 27 Oct.:

10:00—14:00 Scientific programme; Closing session

The participation of scholars and researchers from abroad and conference languages

The languages of the conferences are English and Hungarian. Information materials shall be prepared in Hungarian. The papers (and posters) may be either in Hungarian or in English. The organisers of the conference will provide appropriate information for invited lecturers who do not speak Hungarian. The conference welcomes contributions by non-Hungarian speakers. However, there will not be interpretation in either case.

Dates to remember

30 June: registration and submitting proposals

1 September: end of reviewing process; notification of acceptance

10 September: deadline for payment of conference fees

Conference fees

paid before 15 September 2001 HUF 7,000

after 15 September, 2001 HUF 9,000

The conference fees cover the information materials and the banquet.

Conference formats

  1. Keynote lectures with invited speakers.
  2. Invited symposia. Each member of the Education Committee has the right to propose one symposium. Further invitations will be decided on by the Scientific Programme Committee.
  3. Symposia. One or two organisers may submit a proposal including 4-5 presentations by different authors on the same topic. Such papers will be reviewed as one unit.
  4. Thematic papers. Individually proposed presentations will be organised into thematic sessions by the Scientific Programme Committee.
  5. Posters.


Participation at the conference is open for all scholars and researchers provided they register and pay the conference fees.

Only papers and posters accepted by the Scientific Programme Committee can be presented at the conference, provided the presenters have paid the conference fees.

One presenter can be the first author of maximum three presentations (papers or posters). Chairing and discussant roles do not count in this regard.

The submission of proposals

Registration and the submission of proposals may be done via mail or e-mail. In both cases, MS Word files must be submitted.

Submission by mail:

A diskette containing the registration sheet and the presentation proposals must be sent with the hard copy of each document to the following address:

Szegedi Tudományegyetem MTA Képességkutató Csoport

Neveléstudományi Konferencia 2001

6722 Szeged, Petõfi sgt 30-34.

tel/fax: (36) (62) 544 354

Electronic submission:

The registration sheet and the proposals must be sent as attachments to the following electronic address:


How to submit proposals

  1. Individual presentation (paper or poster):

  1. Symposium:

To be submitted by the organiser(s)

The summary

A maximum 500 word summary must be given for each presentation proposal submitted. The word limit includes the title, name, affiliation and keywords. The summary is the basis of the review process, appearing on the conference homepage and published in the abstracts volume of the conference. Summaries may be either in Hungarian or in English.

Summary format:


Name(s) of the Author(s)

Affiliation (University/Institute, Department, Town)

Key words: max. 3 terms

E-mail address of the author(s)


The body of the text must not contain blank lines, but it may be divided into paragraphs. Suggested units of the text reporting research include: aims; methods; major results; discussion of the results; educational relevance; (references).

The structure of thematic sessions and symposia

The conference will be divided into two hour blocks. For symposia, the organisers themselves define the group of presenters and invite a discussant. The Scientific Programme Committee will organise the thematic paper sessions and invite discussants for each. The discussant will be a distinguished scholar or researcher of the given field. Thematic sessions and symposia will be structured as follows: