determiner phrase (DP)

a phrase headed by a central determiner or the possessive ís morpheme. The complement of a DP is an NP, the specifier the DP the possessive ending attaches to.


one of the thematic roles where the argument is not affected by the action described by the verb e.g. in Peter saw John nothing directly happens to John as a result of being seen. In terms of the UTAH the theme theta-role is assigned to the specifier position of the VP.

there-construction: see existential there-construction.

Basic English Syntax with Exercises

Chapter 4   The Determiner Phrase

The time has come to start applying what we have introduced in the previous three chapters to the analysis of English structures. We will start with the Determiner Phrase as it is one which appears in many of the other phrases we shall investigate. Also there are a number of recurrent themes which will crop up from time to time throughout this book and the DP is a good place to introduce these.



4.1   Why the Noun is not the Head of the DP

4.2   The Internal Structure of the DP

        4.2.1 Determiners and Complements

        4.2.2 The Specifier of the DP

        4.2.3 Adjunction within the DP

4.3 Multiple Determiners

4.4 Conclusion

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