Basic English Syntax with Exercises

Chapter 3  Basic Concepts of Syntactic Theory

3.1   X-bar Theory

        3.1.1 Rewrite rules and some terminology

        3.1.2 Endocentricity

        3.1.3 Heads and Complements

        3.1.4 Specifiers

        3.1.5 Adjuncts

        Adjunction to X-bar

        Adjunction to phrase

        Adjunction to head

        3.1.6 Summary

3.2   Theoretical Aspects of Movement

        3.2.1 Move α

        3.2.2 D-structure and S-structure

        D-structure and Theta Theory

        S-structure and Case Theory

        3.2.3 Traces

        3.2.4 Locality Restrictions on movement

3.3 Conclusion

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