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With the publication of this new annual, the History Institute of the University of Szeged intends to intensify its regular connections with international academic scholars and institutions. The individual members and the departments of the Institute have remarkable international cooperational network, but the aim is to extend these connections to institutional level. With the help of this newly launched annual, foreign historians and readers will be able to gain insight into the research work of the scholars and colleagues of the History Institute.

Besides publishing the scholarly results, the yearbook would present the ongoing projects and research work. By getting acquianted with them, foreign scholars may induce the rethinking of certain research programmes with their reaction and remarks. Therefore, with publishing studies and reviews in different foreign languages as well as generating an active exchange of themes and methods, the objective is to establish a periodical open in all sorts of meaning.

On the other hand, this yearbook wishes to address not only professional historians and scholars, but also the average readers interested in history. The intention is to competently present Hungarian national history to foreigners. First of all, we regard it important that, due to language problems, Hungarian history is not very much known even for foreign experts. Secondly, the change of the political system in Hungary undergone in the last decade, and consequently a more open way of thinking, makes it possible to publish the results of our researches about the history of Hungary as well as other countries and nations. Our special Central-East European and Hungarian research attitude may contribute to the investigation of world history and may also help in solving certain historical problems.

The initial volume of any periodical has always been done and published with care and ambition, but its quality has been judged by reactions and opinions afterwards. The History Institute starts this new periodical in the hope that later remarks will affirm its original intentions and will encourage the further volumes.

Prof. László J. Nagy
former editor-in-chief

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Volume 7-8 (2007-2008)Volume 9 (2009) -- forthcoming

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